My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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Just a shot of the frame from the rear (before I removed the front axle and some other components).

Another confirmation of the earlier restoration work was the condition of the various body mounts. The rubber pieces were all in decent shape and quite flexible still. Original mounts would be cracked and falling into pieces. I have to question whether they repainted the frame. If so, they didn't strip it down and use quality paint. I don't think there was a spec of paint left anywhere on the frame, except up front where they'd obviously repainted with a spray can.

Jumping backward a bit here. This is the interior before I stripped it out. Notice various critter stains, but no general tearing and rotting.
The headliner looked decent. I have to believe that a previous owner had the car reupholstered at some time, using original type materials.

The "wood grain" finish to the dash and most window garnish moldings were degraded to the point that it didn't look like wood grain at all. One or two window molding still looked nice though.

With the fabric pulled out you can see the various trim pieces that hold the interior and headliner in place.

I pulled all the wiring since it will be replaced with new. I kept the main wiring harness assembly just to have the original on hand to duplicate things when I re-wire.

You can sort of see that the roof is pushed down in this picture.

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