My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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The following pictures show the disassembly of the front axle and radius rods. This is another good look at the tubular axle from the car. There are various difficulties in removing some parts and care should be taken to preserve the parts (and of course, to prevent injury always use eye protection when hammering on things). I've intentionally left the first picture large to keep the detail and I've noted the various parts by description and basic Ford number.

You won't see the original nut for the radius rod bolt in this picture.....I'd already removed it. I used a standard nut of the same thread size to provide a safe impact point to hammer on. The original unique nut is tapered on one side and castellated on the other and I didn't want to damage it.

All the photos on this webpage show the axle and radius rods in an upside-down position which made the disassembly easier. After these particular jobs, I used my "fork" type tie-rod separator tool to remove the various steering rods shown in the photos.

In this photo I have used the hammer to drive the bolt (also known as the "perch bolt") down. I soaked it with WD40 and used the replacement nut to hammer on. It took several sturdy blows but I was pleased at how easy it came out. I'm sure that if the whole assembly had been sitting outside for many years, the process would have been more difficult.

You can see that the bolt has dropped out here. The hammering on the nut only knocked the bolt down barely one quarter inch....enough to loosen it. The drift pin and hammer pushed it down and out the rest of the way. In these photos you can see the shackle stud still in the "perch bolt". They have to come out too, but I had to separate the radius rods from the axle to gain clearance to drive them out.

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