My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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This picture was taken when the body was still bolted to the frame. I've removed everything from the firewall. You can just see the opening of the driveshaft torque tube down below.

I'd been planning to have my pals over to help lift the body off when it was ready. With the rapid advance of the project (and my impatience) I figured I'd try a way to get the body off by myself. If it didn't work I would have to wait another week to get everyone over to help.


Body parts are scattered all over the garage. I've carefully bagged all hardware with identification cards in the bags, stating what the screws and bolts are for. I also take lots of pictures of how everything went together, and notes about little things I want to remember.

At this point I'd finally removed all the body mount bolts. The dashboard and steering column are out. I'm amazed at how light the body actually is. I set four stacks of three concrete blocks up. Using my floor jack and a block of wood, I jacked up a corner of the body at a time, and slide the 4x4's under. That part was easy. The only problem was that the rear tires were a few inches taller than the 4x4 in back.


The answer was to drop the rear axle & torque tube assembly out. The fuel tank came out before the rear end. With these items clear, I could simply roll the chassis out the front. I set the rear of the frame on my floor jack so it could roll too.

All glass had been removed at this point too. The 1939 Fords had crank-out windshields. There is the crank mechanism and hinges to deal with, but like everything else, out it came. The glass was ok but showing signs of aging. Only one or two panes are original Ford script glass. The rest were replacements put in some years ago.


Standing in the trunk I took this picture looking down into the "toolbox" area at the very rear end of the trunk. These are known for rust-out. Mine was not too bad, but still in need of some repair. You can see a lot of flaking black paint and surface rust on the trunk floor. When I took a wire wheel to these areas I found some deep pitting in some parts, but no rust-thru at all. I think these will clean up ok, but the tool box may need new sheet metal.

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