My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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Looking into the trunk from the interior of the car, you can see the surface rust on the floor of the trunk. Again, I wire wheeled this entire area to see what I had, and was pleased to find a very solid floor.

Be sure to wear SAFETY GLASSES when using any rotary tools like wire wheels, grinding wheels or cut-off wheels. I heard of a guy who had a piece of wire fly off and pierce his eye. It gets dusty too.... keep a box of breathing respirators on hand for those jobs that create any kind of dust.

This is just an interesting shot of the interior, just under the rear windows. Ford saved money wherever they could (and weight too) by cutting out steel that was not needed for strength. You can also see the ledge for the package tray, and the vertical brace that holds the spare tire.

There was lots of gluey stickum around the window seal channels. My wire wheel took that out cleanly. I did all of the window openings so that the new paint and new seals will be right.

I have no idea what the white "18" is that was marked on the bracing. Don't know if Ford put that on for assembly reasons or some later restorer did that. Maybe I'll sign my name and date it before I put it all back together......

Here's the rear end and gas tank again, before I removed them. The tank hold-down bolts weren't too bad, although a couple were hard to reach at the part near the rear frame cross-member. My tank had some residual gas left in it.....maybe 3 or 4 gallons. I sealed all openings and will drain it out at a friend's shop. It appears to be pretty solid, but I'll have to get it checked out, of course.

The frame rails show rust everywhere, but, again, no rust through. Just heavy surface rust apparently.

Here is the fuel tank out of the car. Lots of surface rust, but looking in good shape. I poured out some nasty smelling old gas. It will go to a local area gas tank restorer to make sure it's still good and have it refurbished.
Whoopee! The frame is rolled out from under the body. I just rolled it into the other half of the garage. This shot gives you a look at a unique part of this car - the tube front axle. Ford experimented with these on the 60hp V8 powered cars during 1939 and perhaps into 1940.

My plans for the car are always evolving and I have many ideas. One thing I know.....I want to keep this axle, spring assembly, and the original front end. I do plan to use the conversion kits for late model disc brakes on the original spindles however.


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