My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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Using a friend's spring spreader to take the tension off, we removed the spring shackles from the front spring assembly. The spring eyes are mounted to the shackles with what the parts books call a "Stud Assembly". It's a double-ended stud with a larger cross-section in the middle. This wider part is what is pressed into the spring eye (and the spring perch mounts at the front ends of the radius rod). It's a snug fit when new and usually pretty well rusted into place after many years.

I used a cut-off wheel to take one threaded end off flush with the spring eye.

After I cut off the threaded portion, I took a drift pin and a heavy hammer and pounded the stud out. These were one-piece studs.....there was no center portion and outer shell. With the original style stud you often drive out the center piece, and then have to remove an outer liner that was part of the assembly. One solution to getting it out is to assemble a hack saw blade in the bore. Then saw through a side of the liner. Remove the hack saw and drive the liner out. You sometimes have to use a chisel to pry up the edge of the liner. You can also drill them out with a large bit. 

I centered the stud over the hole in my anvil and knocked the studs out in short order.

This photo shows the radius rod end (commonly called the perch mount) where the spring shackles mounted to the other stud. I'll try to remove the big bolt that hold the radius rod to the axle. With the radius rod and axle separated, the stud will be easier to get at. Plus, I want to take everything all apart so that they can be cleaned and repainted.

The large bolt has a castle nut on the bottom side. In this picture you can see that I've already removed the nut. The next step is to replace it with a common nut of the same thread size......something that I can hit with a hammer to help drive out the bolt. 

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