My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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Here is the deck lid for the Coupe. I've already removed the trunk release handle and the Ford script emblem from the top. In this picture I have also removed the center section of the sound insulation material. It was torn and sagging. this material can be seen in the other openings of the deck lid. It is not easily would have to separate the outer and inner panels since the insulation is sandwiched in between the two.

I'll find a similar insulation material and cut out the piece to match the missing area. It will be glued with adhesive to the bare metal.

Also, I've left the wiring in place for the license plate light, and will use the old wire to try to pull through the new replacement wiring when I'm ready to do that. This wire runs between the two panels also, and would be nearly impossible to fish the new wire through.

I've stripped the paint off the outer panel of the deck lid here. You can just make out the three or so areas where a previous owner had repairs made. These were done with lead and are quite smooth.

At the upper right side of the picture is a scattering of rust pits. These will have to be dealt with before any final painting is done.

My step-daughter, Brittany, has helped off and on with the work. She even worked with the paint stripper for me. She also was a great help when I had to remove some bolts from under the body and needed someone to hold a wrench from above. My wife is available in a pinch, but Brittany decided she wanted to help out when she can.

The deck lid is clean and primed now. Since I don't know how soon the body work and repainting will occur, I am priming things to slow down any new corrosion of bare parts.

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