My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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The engine needed a fresh oil pan. I located one earlier, but there were some serious dents and a crack that suggested it would not work out well. I was fortunate to happen on an estate auction nearby. They had numerous old cars for sale, plus several trailer loads of old parts. When they got around to this oil pan they grouped 7 or 8 items together to attract a bid. Thirty dollars bought me the pan, a flywheel, and several interesting Fifties Chevrolet parts. I'll recoup the $30 and make a little after I sell off the items I don't need.

The pan was full of old sludge and in need of serious cleanup. I would have used the acid dip shop but their backlog turned me to another source. The shop that has been doing some powder coat painting for me offered to do it. They pressure washed what they could and then tried burning out the rest with a torch. At this point they put the pan into their cabinet sandblaster and cleaned it up the rest of the way.

They ran into a problem when they tried to do the powder paint. Apparently, there was still some residual oil/grease in the narrow joint where the flywheel area of the pan meets the main oil sump. The paint wouldn't adhere to the residue. Another attempt to burn out the stuff did not work. So, we ended up sending the pan out to the strip shop after all, where they acid dipped it. This was successful and the pan is now ready to paint.

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