My 1939 Ford Standard Coupe - The Tear Down

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I stood the radius rod up on end and positioned the spring mount and shackle stud over the hole in my anvil. You can see the shiny fresh cut where I cut off the threaded stud ends flush. I used a small diameter cut-off wheel to do this.

You can also see the remnant of the other shackle stud (which I had already removed) laying on the ground.

Here's a close-up of the old shackle stud. This is the original style stud which had a "spiral" or "ringed" effect. The stud also included a grease soaked cloth-like wrap, both of which were enclosed in a steel shell. This shell remained in the bore of the mount I'd driven it from.

The stud is cut off on the one end, but the other end still retains the threaded stud with the nut.

Here is one end of the radius rod ("wishbone") after separation from the axle. The bore of the spring mount still has the shell (or liner) from the original shackle stud assembly. 


To get this out I will assemble a hack saw blade in the bore and saw through the liner in one spot. Then I'll drive out the scrap liner with hammer and chisel (or whatever I have access to that will drive it out.)

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