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We stock ignition parts for Ford V8 engines from 1937 to 1974. 

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Ford Part
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Price for
New Part


Distributor Vacuum Advance Units

18-12220 Vacuum Brake Plunger-Spring-Seal PIC 1932-48 V8 & Six  $  12.50
7RA-12370 Fits 239 V8 & 226 Six PIC 1949-53 V8 & 49-60 Six  31.50
FAB-12370A Fits 239 & 272 OHV V8 PIC 1954-56 V8 Out of Stock

Ignition Resistors & Breakers

18-12250 6 Volt - Original Style Ceramic Type Coil Resistor  (made in USA) PIC 1933-48     $ 19.00
40-12250-A 6 Volt - Fuse Block (single fuse holder) & Coil Resistor PIC 1933-38    35.00
40-12250-D 6 Volt - Fuse Block (double) & Coil Resistor PIC 1933-38 Check Availability
01A-12250-A 6 Volt - Lamp C.B. and Coil Resistor  (open type breaker with perforated grill) PIC 1938-40 Check Availability
01A-12250-D 6 Volt - Lamp C.B. and Coil Resistor  (sealed type breakers) PIC 1938-40 Check Availability
11A-12250-A 6 Volt - Lamp C.B. and Coil Resistor  (open type breaker with perforated grill) PIC 1941-48 Check Availability
11A-12250-D 6 Volt - Lamp C.B. and Coil Resistor  (sealed type breakers) PIC 1941-48 Check Availability
B7A-12250-A 12 Volt (1.3 - 1.4 ohm) - Replaces B6A-12250A PIC 1956-57    14.50
B7A-12250-AR 12 Volt (1.3 - 1.4 ohm) - Original Reproduction PIC 1956-57    28.00
B8A-12250-A 12 Volt (1.3 - 1.4 ohm) PIC 1958-59       8.50

Flathead Generators - Alternators & Accessories

G10000-6 Stock Rebuilt 6V Generator     (Note A) PIC 1933-53 V8 Check Availability
A10000-6F New  6V Alternator with fan mount pulley (Note B) PIC 1933-53 V8 $ 235.00
A10000-6P New  6V Alternator with regular pulley  (Note B) PIC 1933-53 V8 189.00
A10000-12F New 12V Alternator with fan mount pulley (Note B) PIC 1933-53 V8 235.00
A10000-12P New 12V Alternator with regular pulley  (Note B) PIC 1933-53 V8 189.00
AB10 Alternator Bracket (37-48 wide belt type) No fan mount holes PIC 1939-48 V8 79.00
AB20 Alternator Bracket (49 wide belt type type) With fan mount holes PIC 1949 pass + 48-52 truck V8 79.00
AB30 Alternator Bracket (50-53 narrow belt type) With fan mount holes PIC 1950-53 pass + 53 truck V8 79.00
WP-100 Wide Belt Pulley for GM type modern alternators  (Note C) PIC Various 21.00
Note A: The stock generators are reconditioned originals. Subject to availability. Contact us for your particular model needs. Price includes the matching pulley type for the year generator. 
Note B: These new (not rebuilt) alternators are mfr'd in the USA and include a Single Wide Belt pulley or a Single Wide Belt type pulley for fan mounting. Standard 2 year warranty. These units produce 30 Amps on the 6 Volt model, and 60 Amps on the 12 Volt model. Both come with a 2 year warranty. No core charge necessary. The fan mount type pulley is made to accept the original type Ford cooling fan that was mounted to a generator with 4 bolts.
Note C: Some applications may require special thickness nut or machining pulley surface to allow correct fit. Check fit for proper alignment of belt. Nut is not included.

Voltage Regulators - 6 Volt

Note: The voltage regulators we supply are from aftermarket manufacturers and match the amp ratings of the original units. These are NOT exact reproductions of the original Ford (or other aftermarket brand parts). There were many subtle variations in voltage regulators for Ford vehicles, plus additional severe duty regulators for commercial vehicles and trucks that may not be listed here.
Cut-out type
15 AMP 6 VOLT PIC 1928-39 $ 21.00
B-10505-D 20 AMP Semi-Conductor Type 6 VOLT PIC 1928-39 62.00
B-10505-DS 20 AMP Semi-Conductor - Ford script 6 VOLT PIC 1928-39 69.00
30 AMP 6 VOLT PIC 1939-55 54.00

Voltage Regulators - 12 Volt

30 AMP 12 VOLT PIC 1957-64 $ 69.50
35 AMP 12 VOLT PIC 1957-64 Out of Stock

Generator Parts

40-10043 Set of 3 Brushes PIC 1928-38 $   2.75
91A-10043 Set of 2 Brushes PIC 1939 4.50
01A-10043 Set of 2 Brushes (same as B4A-10043) PIC 1940-53 5.25
7RA-10094 Bearing (DE driven end) PIC 1940-53 Various 7.00
B-10128 Bushing (CE comm end) PIC 1932-36 1.50
18-10128 Bushing (CE comm end) PIC 1932-38 2.50
78-10128 Bushing (CE comm end) PIC 1938-53 1.50


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Please Note: 
Prices are subject to change without notice and will be those in effect at the time of order

Ignition & Electrical Parts Are Not Returnable For Credit.

 We strive to keep this web page up-to-date, but suppliers often do not give us advance notice before changing pricing to us. Please confirm your pricing when placing an order. The New Parts listed here are primarily replacement parts from limited supplies of new-old-stock or new-old-replacement-stock; or new reproduction parts. The Ford part numbers listed are for identification purposes only, and do NOT represent or imply that the parts offered are genuine Ford service parts. Our minimum order for product is $10.00 and the minimum shipping charge is $10.00. All prices listed below are in US Dollars.

To place an order, call 1-513-724-9486. Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Time. You may also use the online store to make purchases if within the USA. Not all parts are listed on the store yet so check with our sales office if you do not see an item in the online store.

Please Note: All international packages require completion of the Customs Declaration Form, and will be charged a $10.00 documentation fee. 
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