Flathead Ford Valve Removal Tools

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How to Remove Those Stubborn Valves and Valve Guides - Page 3

The following pictures show the approximate use and positioning of the tools listed on page 2 of this article. Remember to use protective gloves and eyewear whenever you use impact tools. The pictures show the tools in place on a freshly rebuilt engine, but they were used on this same engine when everything was full of grease and dirt. It can help to see what you are doing if you clean out the valve galley first to knock out as much built-up grease as possible. A trouble light will help you see the parts better.

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Note: Except for the valve guide bar tool, we do not sell any of the other valve tools pictured or described in the following tech articles about valve removal or installation. The tools pictured were manufactured many years ago and have not been produced in recent years. You can sometimes find the older tools at swap meets or vendors who specialize in the old tools or in other online shopping venues.

Hopefully, this article will help show how this part of the valve job is done. Remember, these engines are over 50 years old, and some of them have sat in damp environments for years. When the engine is locked up the job is even more difficult. You may have to alternate from getting the crankshaft and rods apart with working the valve job. It is entirely possible that you would have to destroy some of the valve assemblies to get things moving. Patience is very important. Use good penetrants to soak things and allow time for that to work. Take a break from the job for a day when you get frustrated. If one valve refuses to cooperate, move on to the ones that you can succeed with. I have had engines that took over ten hours of my time just to get the valve assemblies out! I've had some that came apart in two hours of work. The right tools make the job go faster of course.


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