Tools For the Flathead Motor

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Ford Flathead V8 Cam Bearing Tool

This handy tool is designed to easily tap your Ford cam bearings out of the engine block, or to install new bearings. The simple and durable three-piece tool is used with any 3 to 5 pound hammer to tap the bearings in or out. Precision machined components fit bearings and the block perfectly, preventing damage to either.

The driver head is machined to slip inside the ID of the cam bearing up to the shoulder of the head. About 5 or 6 easy taps on the end of the tool is all it takes to move the bearing out of the block. Start with the front bearing. As you move to the middle and rear bearings, use the slider to fit into the front bearing bore to align the tool for the others. Reverse the procedure to install the cam bearings. The contact head and the slider are removable to reposition for installation.

Fits all Ford flathead V8 cam bearings on 85 to 100hp engines up to 1954. If you tear down flathead engines for rebuilding you will want this tool. Pays for itself the first time you remove and install the cam bearings. Tool will not fit the cam bearings of the V8-60hp flathead engines.

Priced at $110.00 each
(Plus shipping)

"Just finished using your cam bearing tool, it worked beautifully.  It must have taken me a whole 15 to 20 minutes to remove the three bearings.  Most likely less time.  Excellent tool!!!!".............................Joe Kelley, Parma, OH

"Received the tool Saturday noon and had all three bearings changed by 1pm. It works extremely well. Thanks very much for the quick turn around and an excellent product." .........................................Bill Batson, Manhattan, IL

Ford Flathead V8 Valve Guide Tool

A reproduction of the common valve removal tool (often called a pickle bar) that aids in installing the valve assemblies in all the 85-100hp flathead V8 motors. Slip the forked end between the valve spring coils to catch the groove in the valve guide. Leverage the bar to pull the guide down in order to install the valve guide retaining clip. NOTE: this tool will not work on the V8-60 engine or the flathead 6 cylinder engines.

For more information on using the flathead valve guide tool CLICK HERE

Priced at $42.00 each
(Plus shipping) 



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