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These pages list parts in the same general sequence as the basic factory part numbers. These are mostly NOS parts but can include various NORS interchangeable parts. Some items are available from a large stock and others may have very limited availability. There is no guarantee of availability simply because you see it listed here. Please contact us to check stock on the item or to place an order. These parts are NOT listed in our online store and must be ordered directly with our sales office. We have not photographed each part. By giving the full part number we are identifying the part to you. We can not take the time to provide images for each item. Click on succeeding page numbers to view all listings.

We stock a complete line of transmission parts in our regular PARTS PRICES listings. Be sure to check those webpages if you have not found your part in the overstock listings.


We stock parts for Ford manual transmissions from 1932 to 1962

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Ford Part
Description Application Notes Price
67-7017 Main Drive Gear (14T)   $ 25.00
B5A-7017-A Main Drive Gear    195.00
B5A-7017-B Main Drive Gear    75.00
B5A-7017-H Main Drive Gear    75.00
B6A-7017-A Main Drive Gear    65.00
B6A-7017-B Main Drive Gear    195.00
B6A-7017-E Main Drive Gear    195.00
B6C-7017-A Main Drive Gear    175.00
B6C-7017-C Main Drive Gear    125.00
B6C-7017-D Main Drive Gear    125.00
B7A-7017-A Main Drive Gear    65.00
B7A-7017-B Main Drive Gear    65.00
B7A-7017-C Main Drive Gear    65.00
B7A-7017-H Main Drive Gear    65.00
B7Y-7017 Main Drive Gear    125.00
B8A-7017-B Main Drive Gear    65.00
B8A-7017-C Main Drive Gear    65.00
B8A-7017-D Main Drive Gear    65.00
B8A-7017-F Main Drive Gear    175.00
B8A-7017-H Main Drive Gear    75.00
B8A-7017-J Main Drive Gear    65.00
C1UR-7017 Main Drive Gear    55.00
C20Z-7017-B Main Drive Gear    95.00
C2AZ-7017-A Main Drive Gear    95.00
C2AZ-7017-B Main Drive Gear    95.00
C2AZ-7017-C Main Drive Gear    95.00
C30Z-7017-A Main Drive Gear    155.00
C30Z-7017-B Main Drive Gear    155.00
C3AZ-7017-D Main Drive Gear    155.00
C3AZ-7017-K Main Drive Gear    155.00
C4AZ-7017-C Main Drive Gear    175.00
C4AZ-7017-F Main Drive Gear    175.00
C4TZ-7017-B Main Drive Gear    175.00
C5AZ-7017-A Main Drive Gear    175.00
C5AZ-7017-C Main Drive Gear    175.00
C5TZ-7017-A Main Drive Gear    175.00
C60Z-7017-A Main Drive Gear    125.00
C6ZZ-7017-A Main Drive Gear    125.00
TBAA-7017 Main Drive Gear    125.00
TEAA-7017 Main Drive Gear    125.00
C3AZ-7029-D First Gear   75.00
C4AZ-7A029-C First Gear   95.00
C5AZ-7029-B First Gear   75.00
C0DP-7034-B Bushing - Extension Housing   9.00
51-7050 Front Bearing Retainer   42.00
8MTH-7050 Front Bearing Retainer   35.00
B6C-7050-A Front Bearing Retainer   75.00
C0AR-7050-A Front Bearing Retainer   25.00
C1DP-7052-A Oil Seal - Extension Housing   7.00

Listings of Parts: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5

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