Ford Flathead H Series Six

1948 to 51 Version

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General Information

In late September 1947 Ford changed the six cylinder engine to the H Series which had the same bore/stroke and displacement of the earlier G Series engine from 1941 to 1947. The newer engine had slightly higher compression and the new "Loadamatic" type distributor. 1951 was the last production year for the flathead six as Ford introduced the new over-head valve six for 1952. Other changes include larger main bearing journals, new rotor type oil pump, newer Holley carburetor (8HA-9510-A), new water pump, and one-piece valve guides. In early 1950 the camshaft was changed. Otherwise, the basic engine remained similar to the G Series design of '41 to '47. The block and head were of cast iron with the valves located in the block. The newer version gained 5hp over the G Series. The engine is easily distinguished from the G Series by distributor location....the new Loadamatic distributor is mounted to the left side of the cylinder block near the middle of the engine. 


Please note that the specifications shown were taken from various Ford Shop Manuals and other industry auto repair manuals. Occasional conflicting information appeared. When available, the approved Ford specification was used. If you note a spec that differs and can support the correct information please use the Flathead Feedback form and provide your specification and source. Thanks.


Bore 3.30"
Stroke 4.40"
Displacement 226 cubic inches
Horsepower 95
Torque 1948 to 50: 180 lbs @ 1200
         1951: 185 lbs @ 1500
Compression Ratio  6.80 to 1
Compression Pressure @ 100rpm 1948 to 50: 110 lbs
         1951: 120 lbs
Ignition Timing TDC
Breaker Gap .024 to .026"
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Vacuum Reading (at idle speed) 18 to 21" at 500 rpm
Spark Plugs Champion H-10 at .030"
Crankcase Oil Capacity 4 Quarts
Cooling System Capacity
(without heater)
    1948: 17 quarts
1949-50: 16 quarts
     1951: 17 quarts
Carburetor Holley single barrel down-draft type with manual choke
Pistons Aluminum alloy flat head type with 4 rings
Piston Pins Floating type
Valve Seats Insert Type on Exhaust Valves
Oil Pump 57 lbs normal

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