Ford Flathead G Series Six

1941 to 1947 Version

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General Information

The original G Series engine was used in Ford Special, Ford Deluxe, and Ford Super Deluxe passenger cars. It was also used in Ford Commercial and Truck models (except COE - cab over engine). The engine was rated at 90hp at 3300 rpm.

Both head and cylinder block were of cast iron. Pistons were dome head type and were either of steel alloy or aluminum alloy. The crankshaft was of cast steel and had four main bearings of the insert type. 

Some engines had dry type cylinder sleeves. The first two years (1941 to 42) models used Holley single barrel carburetors (1GA-9510-A). The 1946 to 47 models used the Holley single barrel carburetor (5GA-9510-A).

The distributor (1GA-12127) was mounted on the front of the engine and driven directly off the end of the camshaft. It had a vacuum brake for advance. The coil was mounted separately. For 1946 and 47 the distributor was changed to the new "Sealed Dry" type (5GA-12127) with single breaker, full automatic advance, and vacuum brake adjustment. This type also mounted to the front of the engine and was driven directly off the end of the camshaft.

The oil pump was a gear type design and the housing was integral with the front main bearing retainer.


Bore 3.30"
Stroke 4.40"
Displacement 226 cubic inches
Horsepower 90
Torque 180 lbs @ 1200 rpm
Compression Ratio 6.7 to 1
Compression Pressure @ 100 rpm 105 - 125 lbs
Pistons Aluminum alloy dome head.
3 Ring type originally.
4 Ring type for replacements
Piston Pins Floating type
Valve Seats Inserts used on Exhaust Valves
Oil Pump Normal 30 lbs at 2000 rpm
Water Pump Bearing Bushing on 1941
Ball bearing on 1942-47
Breaker Gap  .014 to .016"
Ignition Timing 1941-42: 2 degrees BTDC
1946-47: 1 degree   BTDC
Carburetor Holley single barrel down-draft type with manual choke. Vacuum controlled power valve
Firing Order 1-5-3-6-2-4
Vacuum Reading (at idling speed) 18-20"
Spark Plugs Champion H-10 at .025"
Crankcase Oil Capacity 5 quarts
Cooling System Capacity
(without heater)
          1941: 17 qts
          1942: 15 qts
1946 to 47: 14.5 qts

Please note that the specifications shown above were taken from various Ford Shop Manuals and other industry auto repair manuals. Occasional conflicting information appeared. When available, the approved Ford specification was used. If you note a spec that differs and can support the correct information please use the Contact Us link to provide your specification and source. Thanks.

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