T-5 Five Speed Transmissions

For Aftermarket Auto Applications

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This web page was developed to provide a single place to begin a search for information on these transmissions and their applications in the old car and restoration hobby. There are a number of websites that have much useful technical information, and links to those are provided below.

Links for more information

  • Click here for the Inliners tech web page for T5 transmissions

  • Click here for the Modern Driveline's home page with T5 tech links

  • Click here for the Stovebolt.com's web page for T5 transmissions

  • Click here for the Garage Scene web page - great T5 identification information

  • Click here for the Ford Muscle's T5 web page

  • Click here for the PoMoFoRacing tech web page link on rebuilding a T5 transmission

  • Click here for the 5speeds.com tech bulletin board web page

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